Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Collage Press Challenge

What an amazing blog hop that was!! I don't think I've had so many comments before. I'm glad so many people were getting inspired by so many different artists! It's super too bad that I haven't been able to share anything since then. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm still not able to upload any photos to my blog. It's the strangest thing. I RAK I want to share at some point but until I figure out why I can't upload images, I guess it'll have to wait.

You know me, for some reason I have a very hard time blogging without sharing some eyecandy or an awesome photo. So this is a tough one for me! However, I do have project to share and even a great chance at winning some fabulous Collage Press goodies. You will have to visit the Collage Press blog to get all the details. I hope some of you get a chance to participate!

This last Sunday was such a sweet time of worship at our church. It was an all youth team (except this ol' lady!) and it was just so neat to hear them sing and play their hearts out. My son was on the congas for the very first time during a service. He has played at school and in a school concert but this was much different. He was adamant about having the words so he could sing as well. It just melted my heart.

I think having to tear down and put the 'church' back together each Sunday in the school while the church has been renovated has really been a bonding experience. Not just for the church family but even just for my family. It's good for them to see the hard work and willingness of everyone who pitches in. This past Sunday, we were cleared out within 15 min. Amazing! The church is nearly done. Oct. 4th will be the move in date and I can't wait to share photos (if I can figure out what's going on here...LOL)

Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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java diva said...

J, that LO with the Knaves of Heart line is freaking stunning!!! I love it!! You are so talented, and your journaling made me more grateful for my own sweet son and what I have to look forward to (MANY years from now). heehee


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