Thursday, September 10, 2009

And.....they're off! All 3 of them!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! We were able to spend some time with Arte's family and it was just awesome! Kelsey took off this weekend for the first time without training wheels on a 'big bike.' That was super fun. I have plenty of photos to share but this post is going to be dedicated to 'back to school,' as I'm sitting here in a a quite house, working through my emotions.

For those of you just looking for some crafty inspiration, I'll start off by sharing a few more cards I did with the Jillibean Soup goodies.

So, the two oldest started school on Tuesday but today was sweet peas first official day of Kindergarten. We went yesterday for just a bit and she was able to tour her class and school with her teacher all by herself. I could tell she loved the one on one.

Every year, during Kindergarten orientation, my kids have had to draw a picture of themselves. This is the first year they provided a mirror.

I cracked up as I watched K intently look at herself in the mirror and draw a few scribbles and then look so closely again. She took sooooo long and worked so hard on her picture. It was adorable!

If you can believe it, the first week of school and the first day of Kindergarten for my youngest, and my battery on my Canon Rebel decides that it's battery life is done. I kept charging it all day/night and then I'd only get one shot before it died again. I had to resort to my point and shoot which is quite frustrating to someone who just took a class on how to get some excellent shots with their Canon Rebel. I'm sure many of you would understand. LOL So, I'm not super happy with a lot of my photos but, at least I got them!

This morning was the actual first day with all the kids in the class; the time when Mom had to actually leave the classroom. Heart wrenching. Could this possibly be the one year old baby that I just brought to this small time 4 1/2 short years ago?? She is so ready. I am the one struggling. I can't help but to think of my good friend Lucy, who has just watched her fourth child graduate from highschool. I can't even imagine the emotions she is going through. I already feel like I'm going through the 'empty nest' stage! LOL Sometimes I wonder if I try to hard to photo, document, grasp, savor, remember every moment because I just don't want to let them go. I know that I won't regret her.

Here she is this morning...beaming.

This is Henry their new class pet. Dave, the man in charge of the kitchen at the school, just happen to be coming down with a carrot and celery at the time K was showing her brother and sister the new rabbit. Last night, K said the thing she most looking forward to was taking care of the rabbit. Much to her delight, Dave her and her sister some veggies to feed the rabbit. It was the very first thing she got to do. She was ecstatic! What a blessing. On a side note....did I mention she was trying to teach our cat some tricks?? Yes, they bought treats for Cuddles and are trying to train her. **sigh** I think this household needs a puppy! LOL

Well, backing up a few days to Tuesday when my two oldest started, I have to share the cutest story ever. All summer long, A was so upset that her favorite lil' buddy from school was going to be moving this summer. Well, it turns out that she hasn't moved yet. Not only are they in the same class but the teacher placed name tags on the tables and they are sitting right next to each other! As if that wasn't enough excitement for two little second grade girls, check what else happened on the first day of school.....

(photo taken with blackberry!)

They were wearing the same new dress!! I couldn't believe it when I went to pick them up from school. Totally matching. Too cute. Totally unplanned. Of course, I didn't bring my camera to pick them up so I had to use my phone! LOL

Here are a few shots of my big 5th grader on his first day and my 'all grown up' 2nd grader! **Sniff sniff**

Thanks for letting me share. I'm off to have some quiet time and get some things done around the house...trying to distract myself from realizing my kids are growing up so fast!

I have much more to share; photos, project and events. Now that summer is over, I'll hopefully be able to update a little more often. I'd love to hear from you if you feel like leaving a comment.

Blessings on your day!


Danielle said...

Awww I know it's hard... I'll be feeling that way too next year when Kati goes to school! At least you'll have lots of time to do things during the day now! Enjoy! (you'll get used to it quick. ha) =)

Scrappy Lucy said...

I ache for you...

Leigh said...

This will be us tomorrow. I can't believe dd will be starting kindergarten. She's totally ready but I'm not! LOL!
Great photos you took, Julie, despite not having your rebel. Hope you can get the battery issue fixed soon!

Tona said...

What a great idea to have the kinders spend some 1 on 1 time with their teacher before school starts. It makes the student feel more comfortable & lets the teacher get to know the child a little better.
I remember the day I took my sone to Kindergarten. We got to the door & he just turned & said, bye mom, see you later. He obviously was fine lol. I on the other hand cried all the way home.

dstandard said...

Oh I remember how hard it is to let them go off to school - then suddenly they just grow up on you!!! Love your cards!

java diva said...

I was hoping you'd share K's selfportrait after all her hard work! :)
What a fun coincidence your daughter and her friend had! :P
Thanks for sharing, J. It's fun to see what moms go through with school. (I homeschool)

Michele H. said...

Love the cards and photos!! The dresses are so a matter of dd (2nd grade) wore the exact same dress the 1st day of school!! She saw the photo and said " dress!"


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