Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Master Designer

I am writing this post today in total awe.  Ever since we got back from our trip where it has been beautiful and sunny, I’ve been a bit down about the weather here on the coast.  It’s been dark and cloudy most every day since getting back.  Cold too!  It does not feel like summer.  I came to a place of realizing that I need to have a better attitude about it and be grateful for the place that I live.  We truly are so blessed.  And then out of no where..…check this out!


My in-laws were so gracious to take the girls while our oldest is at camp so that the two of us could celebrate our 15 year Anniversary.  We didn’t need to go far.  Just seven minutes away to our favorite place.  Within hours of checking in, the weather changed and I saw blue skies for the first time in a week!  Not only that, this was the view from our room….it just kept getting better and better at sunset.IMG_0357


These are unedited, straight from my camera shots.



Having a love for photography and being a artist/paper designer, I love moments like this when I realize that God is the ultimate master designer and that He has created all things.  I am humbled to think that the spark in me that drives me to want to create has come from the one who makes the most gorgeous, mysterious pieces of art ever to be imagined! I can’t even describe to you how majestic and powerful looking the sky and sunset was.  You don’t even want to know how many photos I took.  LOL  But, it just kept changing!!  It was sooo cool!

As I was reflecting on these photos and amazing time that we had celebrating our 15 years together, I was thinking about how God is also the master designer of our marriage.  He designed marriage!!  It was all His plan and idea!  I can’t even tell you how thrilled and blessed I have been over these past 15 years to be married to this man.  I thank God for master minding this plan and for allowing me to be apart of  this incredible family. 

arte and me

We have had such a special time together and yes, I miss my kids (can’t wait to see them tomorrow!) But it’s been so wonderful to have life with just the ‘two of us’ for a few a days.  A time I will cherish forever. 

Happy Anniversary, Honey. 



Beth said...

Happy Anniversary Julie!!

Rebekah said...

so sweet Jules! It was so cool to see a picture of you guys. we miss you terribly...

Margie H said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet hubby, Julie! Many, many more years to come!

P.S. Thanks for the warm words of comfort about my father...still in LA but we're doing good! xo

Color me blingy! said...

Nice pics. Great couple. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you both and many more years to come. ~Yvette

marla said...

Happy Anniversary Julie!! It is always wonderful when you can spend some quality time alone without the kids. Congrats on 15 years!! A wonderful accomplishment!!

goldyfish said...

Sounds like God sent you the perfect anniversary blessing. Happy anniversary

Kazan Clark said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of you and Hubs. You two are a darling couple AND have you cut your hair???? Oh my word you look stunning!
Hugs & Congrats to both of you
PS. Will be back to wish you two on your 50th Anniversary :) I am sure we will still be blogging right???

Patti Smith said...

Hi Julie....Happy Anniversary...the pictures are beautiful..You look so good girl. I have been MIA from crafting for awhile but hope I'm back in the saddle so to speak...anyway it is so good to "see" you!!! Hugs..
Patti (aka Tennesseeeeeeeeeeee)


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