Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Crunched!

It's true. They hardly ever fight. You may not be able to read the journaling on this layout but it talks about how my kids get along so well all the time! Nearly just unbelievable. They totally inspired me to do this page today. They are finally feeling well. Yeah!!! So...much more energy and I'm so blessed that they are having so much fun together.

And me? I'm working out with a CARTOON character??????? What is wrong with me? I'm so addicted to this Wii Fit. It's so fun!!! But step class? Come on! Seriously. You'll understand when you try it. In the mean time...maybe I'd rather work out with a bunch of cartoon characters who won't laugh at me. They actually cheer me on (even when I fall down when I'! LOL!)


Scrappy Lucy said...

I gotta say, I love watching your kids on Sunday mornings while we practice for worship, they display such joy with each other and it is so much fun. You guys are great parents!

And as for the Wii, I love it too, gotten lazy with my Mii gal, but like you said, at least she won't laugh at me! :o)

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm missing out on something fun! Maybe I'll have to come over and try it to see if it's an investment I need to make! I love the pic of your kids....I couldn't pay my boys enough to get that close to eachother.=) My pic would be of them boxing it out or something! Love ya!!

melita said...

Isn't it such a blessing when your kids get along? Mine do too, for the most part! LOL! I love how you distressed the different strips of pp! I am soooo scraplifting you on this one!

Janice said...

LOL... I can just picture you with the Wii thing... funny girl!
I love your ever changing... ever inspiring creation! You are an amazing talent!


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