Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ooooohhhh..the wait.

So, now we wait to see who the 12 finalists are for Cosmo Cricket. Waiting is soooo hard! Really, this has been one of the hardest waits for me. Cosmo Cricket has been one of my few top favorites for quite some time. I wish our lss carried their newer lines already. Oh...what I would do to get me hands on some Sunshine! LOL!

Well...with my name being Julie and my brother's name being Jon....and I'm sure my dh and I considered naming one of children Lindsy at some point...and well, Eric, you're just plain out of luck! So, with all these things considered, I just don't know how they couldn't pick me!

All kidding aside, I just can't wait to see who the finalists are.

In the mean time, I want to share a sneak peak of something that I created but cannot reveal yet.

I also wanted to share an album that I created a while back and having being waiting to share. It's of Arte playing with the kids. I LOVE how this album turned out. I'll try and post all of it tomorrow. Today...the sun is shining and calling my name (now...if only Julie and Eric would do the same! LOL!)


Anonymous said...

Looks like summer does a blogger good! I love the clear albums, you're so creative! By the way....seen the weather forcast????

Patti Smith said...

Oh Julie I love love the clear album....love the colors and all the elements. You are sooooo talented girl...

valken said...

Can't wait to see what else you did. You really motivate me. Awsome album!!!!

Miss Em said...

WOW, that is awesome. So mnay little details.


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