Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wii Fit

TOTALLY a love/hate relationship. Well spoken Carlee!!

I'm only on day two. Day one...I hated it. It said I was 10 years older than I am! LOL!! Day two...now it says I'm a year younger. Ha. We won't talk about all the other mean and cruel things it said. BUT, at the same time, the games are just soooo very fun and addicting. What better way to convince yourself that it's okay to spend time playing a 'game' than knowing it's making your body healthier!

Kelsey was taking a photo shoot and took a picture of everything instead of my shoes sitting by the door. I thought it was funny that she got this shot. Wish I could say it's a picture of me being weighed.....nope. It's A.J. LOL!

Well...we haven't been quite fighting over turns on the Wii yet. Found out that A.J. officially has strept throat and Ashley has walking pneumonia. ***sigh*** What a way to start off summer break!

And...on a bit of a selfish note, I've been getting to cuddle and nurture a bit more but I certainly haven't been able to get the projects done that I'd like to. Maybe tomorrow. Med's are kicking in. Wahoo!!!!

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