Thursday, March 13, 2008

Andrea Wiebe.

Andrea is one of my favorite scrappers. I love her style, I love her passion, I love her desire to inspire people with encouraging words, I REALLY love her printing! (Andrea... you seriously need to have your printing published into a font!) There is something else I love about Andrea that is not mentioned above; it's something that we have in common. If you can guess what it is, I will send you out a RAK next week! Andrea was tagged by Lisa Pace (another one of my FAVE's) and a fellow N50 friend. Sooooo...I am volunteering to be tagged by Andrea! LOL! The following is 7 random facts about me and then I will be tagging people as well. I just am not as nice as Andrea to sit here and let you'll volunteer! LOL!

7 Random Facts:
1) I love peanut butter in my oatmeal
2) I ALWAYS have my toe nails painted
3) I am a proud FISKATEER (#725)
4) I am very picky about which cup I drink my coffee from
5) I love road trips
6) I love Jesus with all my heart
7) If I had a fourth baby and it was a boy... I'd name him Evan. LOVE that name!

Here's who I'm taggin: Janice, Rita, Kate, Patter, Nic, Lacintha, Melanie....7Random facts girls!!!!!!!!!!

You know I can't post without leaving a photo so I will leave a very small peek of something that I made recently that is very important to me. For those of you who pray... please pray for the Lord's will to happen in my life in regards to this very orange photo!! (more on that later!)


Lacintha said...

hey girl...I'll play :)
I love Andrea too and the thing I know you two have in common is your unshakable,unwavering faith...your devotion to Him...
Luv ya' girlie!

RitaS said...

Hey Julie - you know I am PRAYIN' for you on that little orange (with importantly green) tidbit - you would so ROCK it girl!
OK - 7 random facts are doable and easy enough. I can manage this tag. (LOL)

RitaS said...

Oh! And forgot to mention - you and Andrea are both inspiring - a common link!

melita said...

Hey Julie! I would guess that you and Andrea have your faith as a common thread =) And if this little project has to do with what I think it has to do with, you know that I am praying the same thing for both of us =)

Akinogal said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

pam bennett said...

My guess...
You both have a layout/project in the May Scrapbook Trends magazine?

Congrats to you BOTH!!

pam bennett said... second guess ('cause my first is wrong, lol...hers was May 2007)

You are both Canadian..even though you live in the US now.

That's my final answer :)


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