Friday, March 28, 2008

Fiskars Threading Water punch - All the RAGE!!

Have you heard about this new punch? If you haven't and you come across it, you just might want to pick it up!! Remember when scallop bordered paper first came out and it was so fun to play with? As soon as that paper came out I started punching holes in each curve. I loved how it almost made it look lacey.

This is a layout that I did about a year and a half ago (because I'm not at home, I don't have access to all my projects.) Although this is a chipboard shape and not paper, it gave the same 'look' that I feel in love with. I really had so much fun creating with it but in the past, we've been limited to the 'bazzill' paper on hand. Now, if you have this VERY hard to find punch, you can punch out your own scallop paper with holes punched in it already! This is such a fantastic tool. And....sigh.... you guessed it. I can't seem to find one! LOL! I still have a few options and since I just recently found out from May at the fiskateer blog that they are even harder to find than I thought, I will definitely be stepping up the search party! As matter of fact, the photo I posted here is actually May's photo of hers. I WISH I had one as Melanie commented in this post. LOL!

So, if you see one, I suggest you snatch it up quick. Surely this'll be a tool you will use over and over and over again.


Kate O'Brien said...

ok. i NEED one of those!!! cute layout too!

Melanie said...

I want one of those punches! Kelly Grundhauser is giving one away on her blog. Gosh - I don't have the link. But you already have one. :)

Carlee said...

I checked Target in Keizer again today...nothing :( They did have All in 1 theme paper kits of Cloud 9 tho (older lines...not the newbies!) Still cool tho! :) hehe I am eternally on the lookout for ya!

Lacintha said...

Julie darlin'...let me know if you ever find this ever-=elusive punch...I'm desperate for it!!! :)

Radiogirl said...

I have been looking for this punch. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Your example looks nice.

michele said...

must have!! :)


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