Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday!

So much to celebrate on this Good Friday! I'm so thankful for new life in so many different ways. Today we are celebrating new life because Kelsey is having her 4th Birthday!!! Is it possible? No more toddlers. So strange. Well, the girls can hardly stand the excitment. We are getting ready for a birthday party, dying eggs,Easter and a road trip that will include many stops along the way to visit different family members and friends. This week will also include finishing up my Fiskar Trainings and I have a few other things in the works that I'm so excited about and are huge on my heart. This is definetly a week like no other!!week!

I will be taking LOTSO' photos of course. Then I will be so anxious to scrap them. Until then here is an Easter layout that I put together last year and a summer one that I just put together this week.

Enjoy your Good Friday and remember to reflect on why it's so good! :)


Carlee said...

Have a good trip!!! I am mailing you something today (hopefully...if I can sneak out from the sick kids :/) so be watching your mail box when you get home! :)

Fenridal said...

See here or here

Laura Fiore said...

Happy Easter Julie! Hope you enjoy your time with your family!

Fiskars trainer, huh? VERY COOL!

Janice said...

I miss you sweetie... enjoy your family!!

Kate O'Brien said...

hope your Easter was blessed Julie!

adore both of your layouts. fabulous work!!!


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