Monday, March 17, 2008

Fiskars Training!!

I had another Fiskars training session this weekend and four more lucky ladies have officially become Certified Fiskars Demonstrators!! If you've heard me make mention about this and are still unsure of what that really means, I'd love to answer all your questions at Becoming a Fiskars Certified Demonstator does not make you any kind of sales person like in some companies. It educates you with an incredible knowledge of the tools and opens up a door of opportunity to possibly demo this tools in surrounding stores. It's an excellent program and I'm so excited to be a part of it.
The five of us had a blast and it was so fun to see Tara's face as she was given the green craft drill as the prize for coming the furthest away. If only I could have snapped the expression on her first when she opened it up!! Thank you Tara, Kris, Jodi and Jeannie for coming and having an awesome training session together.

This weekend was also the Charity crop for Marshall Dean. We were able to raise nearly $550 for his medical fund. It was a fun day full of lots of crafting. Jana did a beading class and I taught a layout class and card class. It was fun to get some fellow fiskateers and other scrapbookin' gals together and all have our creative juices flowing! There was lots of food, tons of prizes and one grand prize with a bunch of Fiskars products in a basket. What a fun day! Most of all, I know that the Dean family will be blessed by everyone's contributions. You guys ROCK!

I made these lil' snack trays that I thought would be fun. Everyone needs a little somethin' to get their mojo goin', right? They were really easy to make and turned out to be quite a hit!

On a greener note... I completely forgot about it being the 17th today!! Mostly because both my kids woke up sick and hackin' away. I thought we would end up just having a stay at home jammie day. But, by the time the cold medicine kicked in, they were both feeling well enough to go to school. So, sent them off in a hurry with their Daddy and green was not a part of their wardrobe. Ooops.


melita said...

Yeah! Another 4 trainees! So glad to hear that the ladies took advantage of the training!! It looked like everything was put together fabulously! You did an awesome job Julie! Hope you and the kids get to feeling better soon!

Kate O'Brien said...

so glad you had a fun time! those little snack trays are adorable!

hope you feel better soon!


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