Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Does it get any better than this?

I realize that most parents think that they have the best, most amazing kids in the world. But seriously, I really, truly do have the sweetest kiddos EVAH! I just have to share this piece of art that I can't wait to scrap and will be cherishing forever. My 6 year old daughter was sitting at the piano, erasing and sketchting, erasing and sketching, playing a few keys on the keyboard and then sketching some more. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'Makin' up a song.' Hmmm....I nearly feel off my chair! THis girl is in Kindergarten, can barely read and has never had a piano lesson in her life! Too precious. So, I had to share. Here is her song. It may just be a famous piece of music some day!

And then there is my Kelsey. Look at this face!! I want to freeze time when I look at this photo! I took this a few days ago; the very last night that she was 3 years old. I really got choked up at that thought that she would wake up in the morning and be 4 years old! No more little tots running around is hitting me hard! Although, we had such a peaceful, and super fun road trip on our way up here. How different from when they are much younger. I'm actually looking forward to our long drive home, because on the way up we all giggled and laughed and just had fun being together.

And of course, I can't hardly blog without sharing a recent creation so here is another layout that I put together. My sweet Ashley. I just feel so blessed. My children are so sweet and fantastic. Of course, we all know that I'm documenting this now so that when these sweet girls turn 13...... well... we won't go there just yet! LOL!

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valken said...

What a sweet photo of Kelsey!

How neat that Ashley is taking an interest in piano.


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