Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little bit of green.

Look what I found this morning? A day late...oh well. There's always next year! I think I had made this a while back (trying to think ahead) and then forgot about it! (Maybe you'll be getting it next year! Act surprised, okay?)
Here's something else to share that's a little green. I know... I'm a day late. It's all good! So, Kelsey and I were stamping one day and I left for HALF a second! Came back into the room and found her hands... greener than green!!!!!!!!

Regarding the question from a few posts ago on what it is that Andrea and I have in common, nobody has guess the answer that I was looking for yet. Of course we both have our unwaivering faith. That would be too easy!!! Here is a link to her blog if you need some clues and and some fabulous inspiration! http://www.andreawiebe.com/

It's pretty dark and gloomy here in the NW. Hope you are able to find a little sunshine in your day!


Carlee said...

You're both mom's of 3 with loving hubbys? Am I close yet? :)

Julie O. said...

Oh... Carlee... you of all people should get this!! COME ON GIRL! Did you check out Andrea's blog?


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