Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Another layout of Kelsey. (Your happiness is Contagious)

I know. I promise that I've done some layouts of the other kids as well. Just not quite ready to share them yet!!

This was a fun one for me. I LOVE pink and green together! I sewed on this one with my machine as well. Definitely wishing I had a fancy smanshy machine like my Mom's though! LOL!

Kelsey's joy is contagious. She is just a sweet, lil' charmer. I really think she does get her fun sense of humor from her Daddy.

Speaking of that guy, I have quite a story that I want to share in just a bit. Right now we are off to go buy some flip flops from the Payless for this cutie! Can't miss that BOGO sale! LOL!

1 comment:

Beckabear3213 said...

WOW a beautiful LO and what a cuttie pie!!


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