Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Wednesday Funny (well...actually it was Sunday!)

So, on Sunday morning while I'm getting ready for church, Arte gives me a phone call (he's already there) and asks me if I can bring five of my really cool Fiskars tools...and that pink thing.


'Okay, this ought to be interesting!' LOL! It was let me tell you.

Of course he has to start off by breaking the news (to the half of the congergation who doesn't know)that I have a room full of my 'own' toys that I collect and can I just say that there were more than a few gasps! LOL! Pretty much everyone knows that I have gobs of paper and embellies but when he broke out the tools, there was a new reaction! ;)

When he began speaking, he asked people if they had ever seen things such as this (of course he covered the little blade tip)

Then he talked about how it was ergonomically designed for a special purpose (he seriously sounded like a sales person!) Then of course, he paralled it to the likeness of how we were all created uniquely and for a special purpose.

The funny part came in the next few things that he pulled out of his bag of 'tricks.' He pulls out a crop-a-dile and asks, 'any good guess as what this might be used for?'

I leaned over to my friend Lucy and said 'ah! this oughtta be good. I'm not even sure what that is supposed to be used for!' LOL!!

I kept thinking... too bad I didn't have one of THESE to pull out...

that would have got quite the reaction! (this is so big and scary...not sure I'd even know HOW to handle it! LOL!)

Next he pulled out the green Fiskars Craft drill...but he covered up the end with the bit. The guess on this one were quite funny.... pepper grinder? Yes, I grind pepper for my salad while I scrap. LOL!

Well, there were certainly a few snickers among everyone when they realized that I had my OWN craft drill! I sat proud and TALL!!

He showed a few more. A squeeze punch and a trimmer. But, the last one was the most hilarious. He decided to try and use this very pretty border punch and demonstrate in the air, in front of his face, how to use this punch. Now, let me just stop right here and let ya'll know that he has NOT been through one of my trainings. LOL! Truly, to see him try and work that thing had my ROTFL (rollin' on the floor laughin - for you newbies who I know read my blog :)

I take my camera everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! I realize now that church counts as everywhere, and next time I will definetly have my camera on hand.

Here is a card I made with the scraps that Arte punched out (I use all my scraps! - j/k!)

And another card that I made with some of the new Kimberly Poloson (***swoon***)rub-ons that I have.

Have a great Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

Kate O'Brien said...

love your scraps and enjoyed your post.

oh - and the new banner ROCKS! :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally LOL here!!

Anonymous said...

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michele said...

julie-that story makes me giggle! I can just imagine how our congregation would react to a demo like that! Great cards :)

jaccisuu said...

Julie, You need to tell me how you addes that cute little picture of you and Kelsey at the top of your page. Mine needs to be more original....not that I want to copy yours but how did you make it happen???

Carlee said...

OMG That would have been too funny to see - and hear! :) TFS!


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