Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From the Inside Out

I've been having fun sewing on my pages and cards lately. When I was at my Mom's, we decided to get out her new machine and learn all the fancy bells and whistles. That was a lot of fun! It's amazing what sewing machines can do these days.

My machine is quite an old one and does only a few different kinds of stitches. But let me tell ya, when I first got started sewing on my projects, I was hooked!! Now, the only time I DON'T sew on a project is if I'm feeling just plain ol' lazy. Oh... that seems to be the case lately!

This layout 'From the Inside Out' was fun to do because not only did I sew on the paper but I sewed right on the photos! Voila! Thanks for takin' a peek!


Pearl said...

O My ! How wonderful when one can sew like that ! Just beautiful ! Sewing gives everything such a finished look !

Kate O'Brien said...

love it! i've been playing with my machine on projects too.

hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Janice said...

gorgeous Julie... just gorgeous!! Love these fun photos!! I just got my machine back too... its like a new toy again!!
Love ya Girly!!

valken said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Doing great with the sewing. v


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