Monday, April 7, 2008

What a Trouper!!

Look at this poor girl (you really have to click on the photo to capture her true expression!) It's her very, very first soccer game EVAH(she's 6 yrs. old!)and not only is it raining but it is FREEZING cold. I mean...seriously, miserably, terribly cold. I thought it would snow at any point! Arte and I could not even fathom the fact that they would even still keep playing. After seven years at the coast, we are still trying to adjust in some ways!

Regardless, this lil' darling kept on playing. Ashley was pretty bored at the practice so I think that the extra action at game time was a little more her style! LOL! So, hopefully next Saturday when it comes time to play again, she will still want to. The truth is, it was completely hilarious watching this lil' guys! A.J. started playing when he was 3 and by the time he and his 'buddies' were 5 and 6, they completely understood the game and where all over the field
But, Ashley's team is a group of first time players. They kick the ball and just stare at it.

Suddenly, from the side lines, you hear all these parents screaming, 'RUN after the BALL!!!' A look of delight overcomes each of their faces as they take of (as a group or herd, of course!)

Soccer and basketball. Definitely my two favorite sports to watch when it comes to the kiddos!

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