Thursday, April 3, 2008

Home at last!

It's so good to be home. It was a long journey back. And somewhat weird. The strangest things happened along the way! Even though it was long and took forever, the kids were amazingly great. We didn't leave on Sunday because I was still soo sick and didn't feel up to driving. Then we were going to leave on Monday and the farm turned into this:

The kids loved dancing in the snow! But... I did not want to attempt the pass without snow tires and in a snow storm, so we waited one more day. By Tuesday it was sunny and beautiful!

We started up over this enormous mountain pass that was covered in snow. My windshield wipers must have froze together and wouldn't budge. So I pulled over and tried to nudge them a bit. My kids describe the whole entire episode as an attack of the moster! Suddenly, they were flaring everywhere and attacking Mom! LOL! One was all bent up and the other had gone way pass the outer part of the window. It must have been quite the site to see for the people passing by!

After passing through the border, I stopped for gas. There was a man that kept looking at the back of my license plate and then at me and then at the plates, and then at me. It was so odd. I thought, 'do I know you?' It seemed as though he was trying to see where I was from. Then later, when we stopped at McDonalds, someone asked if I had been four-bying! That's when I finally took a look at the back of the van and saw that it looked like this! YUCK! I guess that big ol' mountain pass gave us a mud bath!

Before we passed the border we stopped for donuts (a little road trip tradition!) Have you heard of Tim Hortons? It's like the STARBUCKS of B.C. (although, they do have Starbucks as well.) So...I keep hearing about how wonderful there coffee is and decided I needed some for the road. I ordered a meduim, regular coffee. I wished I had taken a photo to show you what this meduim looked like. Super small! I then asked where the cream was. The lady says 'you asked for a regular so I put in one cream and one sugar.' What?? Ick! I don't DO sugar in my coffee! It was pretty funny as I tried to explain to her that I thought regular meant 'not decaf.' I seriously felt like I was in a different Country. Oh wait! I was! It was strange. LOL!

So, then we are on these farm roads behind two Semi-trucks. Of course they are going way below speed limit but what can ya do? Not much on a small farm road! Finally we made it to the free way. FREEDOM!!! Nope. We were right behind a cop and everyone was crawling down the interstate 5. By this time I realize we are definitely going to be late to meet up with our friends in Federal Way. Then we hit the first big city, Everett. They were doing construction so we slowed down to about 15 miles per hour. The lovely slow speed of our journey put us into Seattle smack, dab in the middle of traffic time. Thus, the dead stop. And go. And stop. And go.

When we arrived at our 'almost' final destination (exit 142 B,) we could NOT find the McDonalds. Can you believe that this McDonalds did not have any golden arches?!! How can you have McDonalds without the arches? It had one slightly curved line thingy... so odd. No wonder I couldn't find the place. I was looking for the arches towering in the sky!

Here we met up with Michael, Karen and our godson Pierson. Michael fixed my wipers... Yay! It was so great to see them again. Lil' P is getting sooo big!

We continued on our journey to Portland where we stayed with my in-laws. The kids love spending time with their Grandparents. We spent the night and yesterday there and finally drove into town last night.

The suitcases aren't all unpacked but the kids had their first soccer practice today. Nothing like diving back into it all! I'm so glad that we were able to push pause, put everything on hold and just be with family for a while. It was a blessing and I feel like the kids and I had a real bonding time in the van. There is a lesson around every corner and I love teaching them life.

Sorry for the rather 'colorless' post. Really, I feel like my life has been more full of color in the past month than ever before!

Tomorrow I'll have some eye candy to share!

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