Friday, April 4, 2008

Eye Candy to celebrate April 4th!!

Okay, it's just candy. Yummy all the same. Don't recognize it? These are the two things that my Aunt's have always picked up when they visit Canada. You can't find them anywhere here! I HAD to pick up some Smarties for Spidey. Poor deprived thing. They will be in the mail shortly! And to celebrate, I have one extra lil' box to give away to someone who posts that has never tried these yummy goodies before. The black candies I brought back for Arte. Sorry, they aren't up for grabs!

So, what are we celebrating? April 4th!! It's a big day! Well, in my little world it is. Here is why:

1) Hair appointment!! (yes... I color my hair **rolling eyes**)
2) HOF calls are being made (I know several people who may be affected by this!)
3) Triple the Sketch is debuting their first sketch! (Check it out here..)
4) It's my friend's birthday. ;)
5) Fiskars is having an on-line crop with tons of prizes and a chat tonight at 7pm!
6) It's Friday!
7) I got this in the mail!!
2 copies of the Idea Book 'Embellish' that has my favorite layout published in it! Along with the two books, there were Scenic Route goodies!!!

What a fantastic day and time to celebrate. I think we should go out for dinner. Ha!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

welcome home!!

I have never had those Smarties...but the ones we get here are my favorite candy. It was the first treat my kids got...they couldn't choke on them, it took them forever to eat because their little fingers couldn't pick them up easily, and they didn't melt in the diaper bag. Perfect food, I say!!!

Congrats on the layout!

melita said...

Very cool candies! At least the packaging is pretty...but I can't say that I am a fan of smarties! At least the US version! Congrats on all the fun things going on! Love the Triple the Sketch site! And your card is adorable! =)

Janice said...

Yummy... I love those candies.. and smarties are Jack's favorites!
Love that LO too Girl! I hope we can catch up soon! I miss you!


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